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Because of the large amount of material on the ADCC website, this sitemap links to only a small portion of the material on the site and should be used as an overview only. The major categories are also listed in the left column. We suggest you use the Search facility to lead you directly to material useful to you.

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Remembering and Commemorating

Australia and the Vietnam War
Vietnam -- The soldier's experience

Australia and the Vietnam War --
Why did Australia enter the war in 1965? Did Australians support this decision?

The sinking of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur... War crime, or legitimate target?

Success and failure in the port of Singapore—
Z Special Unit and the Jaywick and Rimau raids

The Home Front -- World War 2

Investigating the impact of the American ‘invasion’ of Australia 1942 - 45

Supporting material for the ADCC publication "In Search of Jacka, VC"

Case study of a World War 1 Service Record

The Battle of the Coral Sea -- did it save Australia?

ANZAC Day -- What does it mean to you today?

The Last Gallipoli ANZAC -- Constructing a biography of Alec Campbell

Women in the Australian Defence Force. Do they have an equal role to men?

A land fit for heroes? Investigate what happened to Australians after the wars were over. 

A Case Study - 4885 R H Simpson

Should we remember Weary Dunlop?

Investigating the Spirit of ANZAC - Image and Reality

Tackling some myths and misunderstandings of the Vietnam War

Finding evidence of the impact of war on your community

The Human Lottery

Being a historian: Investigating the Battle of Long Tan

Investigating sources: What happened to Private John McQuat?

Womens Services in World War 2 (WAAAF)

Prisoners of War - World War 2 (Sandakan)

Piecing a life together: Who was Charles Hucker?

Peacekeeping in East Timor

Confrontation with Indonesia (1964-66)

Australia and Timor - WW2

Introduction to ANZAC Day for Early Childhood

Interactive modules featuring flags, uniforms and puzzles

A is for ANZACs







Traditions, Facts and Folklore

ANZAC: The origin of the acronym ‘ANZAC’

The Dawn Service

ANZAC Day Commemoration

Outline Commemoration Service for ANZAC Day

The Australian National Flag

Australia’s War Dead

Australian War Memorials

Bugle Calls

The Catafalque Party

Colours Tell the Story


The Poppy is for Sacrifice

The Rising Sun Badge

Rosemary is for Remembrance

The Military Salute

The Slouch Hat and Emu Plumes

The Victoria Cross

Words of Remembrance


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School memorial program

Application for memorial subsidy

Application for grave memorial grant

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