Outline Commemoration Service for ANZAC Day

(Brief version suitable for primary schools)

  • Introduction (2 minutes)

  • Hymn (2 minutes)

  • Prayer (1 minute)

  • An address by an ex Serviceman, Serving Member of the Defence Force, Local Dignitary, Teacher or Student

  • Wreath Laying

  • Ode

  • Last Post

  • One Minute Silence

  • Reveille or Rouse

  • National Anthem

This service would take approximately 20 minutes depending on the length of speeches and prayers and the number of verses of hymns sung.

The ceremony should normally take place in the morning.

The introduction should briefly set the scene of the ANZAC Day remembrance.

Prayers or Odes should be of remembrance, for peace and for the future of Australia.

The address should be given by an appropriate person and should stress the sacrifices made by servicemen and women in all conflicts, the meaning of ANZAC in the establishment of the Australian national identity and stress that remembrance does not glorify war.

Flag Protocol for the Australian Flag on ANZAC Day

In the morning the flag is raised to the masthead then immediately lowered to half mast.

On the first note of Reveille (sometimes referred to as the Rouse) the flag is raised smartly to the masthead.

After the ceremony the flag is returned to the half mast until noon when it is raised to the masthead.

Additional Information

This site includes more detailed information on ANZAC Day Services starting here.

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