Investigating the impact of the American ‘invasion’ of Australia 1942 - 45

During 1942 many Australians believed that they were facing a Japanese invasion. There was an invasion - but it was a friendly one, an ‘invasion’ by Americans. This activity allows participants to explore the nature of the contact between Americans and Australians during 1942 and after, and to consider the impacts this contact had.

Working through the activity

This activity is designed for groups or individuals and consists of an initial briefing followed by eight individual segments (activities) designed to be worked through consecutively. Where appropriate, the individual activity pages, when printed, have provision for students to record, in writing, their comments or answers. The activity is completely self-contained within a single, 17 page Acrobat™ file (1.33mb). 

All that needs to be done is to download the Acrobat™ file, print pages from it as required and distribute them to activity participants. Note: the file size, at 1.33mb because of the large number of images involved, may require a download time of up to 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the quality of your internet connection.