Confrontation with Indonesia (1964-66)
Would you be a good foreign affairs decision maker?

This activity requires students, in groups of 4 to 8, to make group decision choices on various situations based on the actual events which occurred. The decision taken has "Consequences" in a range of areas and depending on the decision taken, these "Consequences" score positive or negative points. Background information to assist in decision making is obtained from "File Attachments". At the end of the activity, scores can be calculated to give a measure of each group's deliberations.

The activity is supported by the following printable documents:

  • Teacher's Guide

  • File Attachments (including a map)

  • Situation Statements with accompanying Decision Choices and Decision Consequence summaries, one for each decision taken

  • Score Sheet

  • A brief history of the conflict including the decisions taken by Australia's government




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