Who was Charles Hucker?

Imagine that an airman from the Second World War was coming to visit your class to talk to you about his wartime experiences. What questions would you like to ask him? Make a list of those questions.

To SourcesNow look at the sources on Charles Hucker. Use this material to work out as many answers to those questions as you can. You may also find other questions that you had not thought of before are raised by the material.

Discuss the answers to your questions that you have developed from the material. You may have found all the information that you needed to answer your original list of questions, or perhaps there are still some gaps in your knowledge.

  • Are there any questions which you could not answer? Why?

  • Is there any source of information about Hucker's life which you would like to have, but which is not included here?

  • Are some of the pieces of evidence more valuable that others?

  • How well do you now think you now know Charles Hucker?

Prepare one of the following:

  • an In Memoriam notice for a newspaper,

  • a grave headstone

  • a memorial plaque

  • a letter to the next of kin about his death

  • an entry into a local history book for Hucker.

What choices do you have to make about what you say in these different forms of commemoration?



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