The School Memorial Program

Plaque at Jinibira State School
Inaugural plaque - Jinibara State School - 
established April 1996.

The ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee has developed a program which, in conjunction with local committees, will further its aim to establish a memorial in every school within Queensland. This page explains the concept and provides advice on how assistance can be obtained.

There are two aspects to be considered when selecting a site for the memorial - its proposed size and the number of students who will be assembling in front of it when services are being conducted. The memorial may be situated in the area of an existing flagpole or parade ground or set in a shady grove in the school grounds.

Next, plan a memorial garden bed which should:

  • be in an area that allows sufficient space for this to be the focal point for the school’s ANZAC commemorative ceremonies,

  • contain a suitable rock upon which a memorial plaque can be fixed, and

  • be suitably landscaped with plants and edging.

It is suggested that this memorial garden be established in conjunction with the P&C and students’ committees and/or local councils and/or local businesses. The garden should be established by donation and self help so that the only major expense would be a bronze memorial plaque.

A plaque which measures approximately 300 mm x 350 mm will be supplied by the ADCC as its contribution to the memorial. A picture of the plaque format is below. For further information, contact the Memorials Officer at

Plaque Format


Logo on plaque


At the going down of the sun 
and in the morning 
We will remember them

Their Name Liveth For Evermore

Dedicated 2009

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