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Photo Gallery. Photographic records of recent ceremonies and events, including Student and Dawn ceremonies.

RSL sub-branches, local communities and schools support Queensland's ANZAC Day appeal each year and the generous Channel 7 Television advertising program continues to generate funds for our patriotic work. The ADCC's system of commemorative grants and subsidies represents a very tangible return of donations to the community. The following examples contain links to appropriate application forms for projects within Queensland. Please check our Memorial Grants and Subsidies Limits policy before examining the possibility of applying for a grant or subsidy.

War Memorials. Did you notice that your local cenotaph could do with a facelift, or perhaps an additional plaque to commemorate those who made the supreme sacrifice in conflicts other than in the Great War? Are you a small community gathering outside the local hall but don't have a memorial to those who gave their lives for our freedom? War memorial restoration and construction is a major area where the ADCC provides dollar-for-dollar subsidies. [Application for Memorial Subsidy]

School Memorials. Does your local school hold ANZAC commemorative services, but not have a memorial around which to assemble? The ADCC has developed a program which, in conjunction with local committees will further its aim to establish a memorial in every school within Queensland. It is suggested that a memorial garden containing a rock be established in conjunction with the P&C and students' committees, local councils and businesses. This can be achieved by donations and self help. A bronze memorial plaque will be supplied by the ADCC as its contribution to the memorial. [More information and Application Form]

Honour Boards, Museums, Memorabilia Cabinets and Memorial Halls. Does your community have an honour board to the fallen? Is there a service memorabilia display cabinet housing items donated by veterans or their families? Is there a need for major repairs to your Memorial Hall? Once again, the Committee can assist your local project. [Application for Memorial Subsidy]

Grave Memorials. It is a little known fact that, before the Australian War Graves Commission was established, the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland provided funds for the graves of our fallen in foreign lands. Today, the Commission cares for both this and those who die subsequently from a war related illness or disease. However, for the many who are not covered by these guidelines, the Committee gives small bronze memorial badges for grave and crematorium niche recognition of a veteran's service. There are also subsidies available for headstones and crematorium plaques. [Application for Grave Memorial Grant]

Bronze Memorial Badge (actual size 72x48mm)

Headstone and lawn cemetery plaque (actual size 380x280mm)

Crematorium niche plaque (actual size 149x111mm)

ANZAC Day Services. Do you find that there are some costs associated with your ANZAC Day services (such as program printing and the hire of a PA system) which eat into hard earned welfare funds? Why not apply for one of the $100 grants available from the ADCC each year which can assist small community organisers? [Application for Ceremonial Subsidy]

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