Application for a Queensland ANZAC Ceremonial Subsidy

Please print out, complete and mail with supporting documentation

Send to:

Honorary Secretary
ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Queensland) Inc.
PO Box 391
Aspley, Qld 4034 Australia

Organization a

Postcode a
Contact person and position held a
Phone a
Fax a
ANZAC Day ceremonials description:



Enclosures and Other Information Enc #
Please enclose a copy of the Program/Handout a
Please summarise below the major out-of-pocket expenses and enclose photocopies of receipts. (Does not include food, drink or other catering expenses.) : a
a a
a a
a a
a a

Did you purchase badges from the ADCC in support of the Queensland ANZAC Day appeal?



If approved, this application has a maximum $100 limit on a dollar-for-dollar expenditure basis.

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