ADCC LogoThe ADCC's logo was designed by Messrs Watson, Ferguson & Co of Brisbane as a distinctive emblem to draw attention to the first anniversary of the heroic landing at Gallipoli. It has become synonymous with the State's ANZAC badge appeal since the first blue ribbon badges were sold in Brisbane's central business district on 25 April 1916. But just what does it mean?

The design includes:

  • a Maltese style cross and Royal Crown (the crest of Queensland) surrounded by palms;

  • the winged lion of St Mark also embraced by palms; and

  • the scrolled State motto Audax at Fidelis ('bold but faithful').

The ANZACs landed at Gallipoli on 25 April which is St Mark's day. His winged lion typifies a strength more than animal. This is therefore applicable to Queensland's bold and faithful servicemen and women who used an almost superhuman strength in the feats which they performed during that campaign and throughout all subsequent conflicts. This continues today with the ongoing United Nations peace keeping role of our Defence Force. Finally, the palm leaves, a symbol of victory compliment the valour of our fighting services.

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